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  • 24 02月 2019

    Performance comparison between green tires and ...

    The difference between the two is obvious: 1) Through the comparison between green tires and traditional radial tires, we see that the difference between the two is more obvious.

  • 24 02月 2019

    Crown Rubber tells you the classification of yo...

    Bicycle tires are usually in inches by diameter and road bikes are in centimeters.Common bicycle tire widths: 1.0 inch, 1.15 inch, 1.25 inch, 1,5 inch, 1.75 inch, 1.95 inch, 2.125 inch, 2.5 inch.

  • 24 02月 2019

    Several new tire materials and additives that h...

    We all know that the main raw material of the tire is rubber, but only rubber is not enough. It is also necessary to add various additives to make the tire have good elasticity, low rolling resistance, low fuel consumption, low heat generation and wear resistance.

  • 24 02月 2019

    Daily maintenance of tires

    The first is tread inspection, especially before long-distance driving, to view and remove the sharp objects attached to the tread that may scratch the tire, so as to avoid tire damage, causing air leakage or puncture at high speed.

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