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  • 24 02月 2019

    Congratulations on the "Guanli" trademark was a...

    Congratulations on the "Guanli" trademark was awarded the famous trademark of Shandong Province

  • 24 02月 2019

    The company recently launched a new reclaimed r...

    In order to strengthen product quality, strengthen the company's strength and better serve customers, the board of directors decided to invest 3 million yuan to build a reclaimed rubber project. It was officially invested and constructed on June 1, 2006. It is expected to be completed and put int...

  • 24 02月 2019

    Guanli Rubber tells you whether the tires that ...

    Tire problems involve design, material selection, production, distribution, consumption, recycling, and utilization. These are very professional. Therefore, our Guanli Rubber Company conducted a survey.

  • 24 02月 2019

    How to check and determine the repairability of...

    (1) Place the inner tube on the fitter, check it carefully, and mark the wound on the found day. For the inner tube of the wound that cannot be found by the naked eye, test the water.

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