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  • 25 02月 2019

    Tire safety inspection is the most important ti...

    As one of the important components of the vehicle, the tire is not only related to the handling performance of the vehicle, but also to the safety of the personnel on the vehicle.

  • 25 02月 2019

    Puncture mortality rate is close to 100% Detail...

    A thousand miles begins with a single step. Tires are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the ground and are related to driving safety. Tire adjustment Due to factors such as the position of the driving tire (precursor, rear drive or 4 drive), the front and rear wheel wear is inco...

  • 25 02月 2019

    How to keep the tires?

    The following matters should be noted for the storage of tires; (1) The warehouse where the tires are stored should not be close to power generation equipment or other places where ozone is generated, such as power generation rooms and electricians. (2) The door and window glass of the warehous...

  • 25 02月 2019

    How to check and determine the repairability of...

    water. (2) Method of testing water test: 1 Place the inner tube in the water tank, put the rubber hose on the valve, and fill the inner tube with compressed air until it is free from wrinkles and reach its normal specifications.

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