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  • 25 02月 2019

    The role of carbon black in rubber

    Carbon black is mainly used in the rubber industry as the main product. The carbon black used in the tire industry accounts for more than 80% of the carbon black required by the entire rubber industry. Other rubber products other than tires of various motor vehicles (including motorcycles) are ge...

  • 25 02月 2019

    Guanli Rubber tells you how to reduce the tires...

    1, riding should pay attention to the situation of the road, try to avoid low-lying places, avoid the most end of the road, because these places are easy to accumulate sharp things such as glass slag, pressed to easily tie the tires. Of course, it is necessary to avoid sharp materials such as gla...

  • 25 02月 2019

    Performance comparison between green tires and ...

    The difference between the two is obvious: 1) Through the comparison between green tires and traditional radial tires, we see that the difference between the two is more obvious. The green tire rolling resistance is reduced by 20%-25%, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 3%-5%.

  • 25 02月 2019

    Crown Rubber shares your knowledge of bicycle t...

    Generally speaking, when describing the characteristics of a tire, it is roughly divided into several directions: rolling resistance, grip, road feeling, wear resistance, explosion protection, weight, and price.

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