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  • 25 02月 2019

    Bicycle tire protection coup

    Although the bicycle is only a mechanical means of transportation, but he is also spiritual, as long as you love it, he will accompany you in the best state. If you only know to use it, don't know protection, then he will abandon you soon. of.

  • 25 02月 2019

    How to buy tires

    1: Know your driving conditions and driving habits, and choose the tires that match your needs and driving style to replace your original tires. Tires are comprehensive products with various properties that are mutually constrained. If you want to pursue maneuverability, you can choose single-gu...

  • 25 02月 2019

    Natural rubber properties and uses

    The natural rubber raw rubber has a glass transition temperature of -72 ° C, a gel flow temperature of 130 ° C, a decomposition temperature of 200 ° C, and a violent decomposition temperature of 270 ° C. When the natural rubber is vulcanized, its Tg rises and no viscous flow occurs.

  • 25 02月 2019

    Read the tire logo

    Almost all of the information on a tire is concentrated on the side of the tire. To understand the specific situation of this tire, we must start with this. Here, we take the car tire as an example to introduce the meaning of each part.

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